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Find Them All: Animals (Full)

7.51 usd

** Full version - a free version with IAP is also available **** This app is fully translated in: English - French - German - Spanish - Russian - Simplified Chinese - Traditional Chinese - Korean - Japanese **
"Find them all: looking for animals" is a game for CHILDREN FROM 2 TO 8 YEARS which offers them the opportunity to see animals in their natural habitat (farm, savannah, desert, etc.).
**** The most complete educational game about animals ****
- 144 animals from 6 continents- Names in 8 languages- Calls,animated pictures, cards, photos and now videos!- Over 200 audio commentaries- It’s child’s play: find the animals, take photos of them, create puzzles, win prizes etc.
** Optimised for children **
- Assistance and instructions are spoken- Simplified interface- Multi-user: all children can have their own account and settings.- No advertising and parental control
** Educational features **
- Learn the language- Explore foreign languages- Concentrate and stay focused- Solve puzzles
** The game step by step **
- "Where is ...": only one animal is present in the scenery: the child has to scroll to find it. A "bobble head" type card appears.- "Take a photo": when all the animals have been found, the child wins a camera.- "Night is falling...": the child has to touch as many animals as possible before nightfall.- "It's night time, only the animals eyes appear...": the child has to find the remaining animals with the help of a torch.- "Make a jigsaw": the child is able to make jigsaws with the camera (4/6/12/20 pieces).- "the Photo Quiz": the child answers a series of questions in order to win new photos!- Cameraman: find him to see video clips of animals!- "Game over": the child is able to play again and find other animals in a different environment.
** Other functions **
- The Card album contains the cards which have been released during the game.- The Photo album contains all the photos taken during the game. Therefore, the child is able to try the jigsaws again. - Discover information about animals by taking photos!- Listen to the animals' name in 8 languages.
** Farm animals **
- Bee, donkey, lamb, duck, cat, horse, goat, dog, pig, cockerel, turkey, frog, owl, rabbit, sheep, goose, magpie, foal, hen, chick, fox, mouse, tortoise, cow.
** Animals of Africa **
- Lion, lioness, meerkat, cheetah, hyena, ostrich, okapi, elephant, zebra, wildebeest, giraffe, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, crocodile, springbok, greater kudu, camel, fennec fox, cobra, oryx, gorilla, chimpanzee, baboon, flamingo.
** Animals of Oceania **
- Echidna, kiwi, bat, cassowary, ibis, red crab, green turtle, humpback whale, dolphin, dugong, manta ray, sea lion, monitor lizards, saltwater crocodile, kangaroo, emu, wombat, Tasmanian devil, koala, cuscus , platypus, frill-necked lizard, dingo, great white shark.
** Animals of Asia **
- Tiger, panda, red panda, Asian elephant, Indian rhinoceros, orangutan, proboscis monkey, red-crowned crane, snow leopard, saiga, clouded leopard, bactrian camel, yak, gharial, Malayan tapir, water buffalo, pangolin, peafowl, sun bear, caracal, hornbill, langur, python, tarsier.
** Animals of North America **
- Mustang, bison, coyote, rattlesnake, vulture, prairie dog, roadrunner, pronghorn, black-tailed jackrabbit, grizzly, moose, raccoon, skunk, puma, bald eagle, bighorn sheep, mountain Goat, wolverine, polar bear, arctic fox, snowy owl, seal, walrus, beluga.
** Animals of South America **
- Amazon river dolphin, anaconda, armadillo, caiman, capybara, chinchilla, coati, condor, giant anteater, iguana, jaguar, lion tamarin, llama, macaw, maned wolf, mara, ocelot, red-eyed treefrog, rhea, scarlet ibis, sloth, spectacled bear, spider monkey, toucan.